No mediocre, you don't want to conform to social norms, and you dare to be different.
The glitz and the glamour, if looks could kill, you'll be a weapon of destruction.
You are never afraid to explore the unknown and you are willing to travel far and wide.
When you always have your game face on, and you crave for action all day long.
Sweet kisses, warm cuddles, whenever you are with your loved one.
If you are a self proclaimed performer, stand up, and do what you do best.
You spend your every minute in front of your computer from dusk till dawn.
You are an optimist and you see the beauty in all the things around you.
Head Case Personality Quiz
Just as you choose a smartphone that best reflects your style and personality, Head Case's wide array of back case design options makes it possible for you to match your every move, mood and mode. Ready to suit up?