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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Show your support for the forces of magical good with a Harry Potter phone case or tablet case. Wizards, witches and muggles around the world will love these officially licensed Harry Potter device protectors. Select one of the seven books below to view themed designs based on these timeless stories. You can order Hogwarts wizarding house phone cases from The Sorcerer's Stone, Tri-Wizard Tournament tablet covers from The Goblet of Fire, character poster cases, tributes to the Marauder's Map and many others. We have cases styled after both the books and movies depending on what you prefer.

Cases are available for all the most popular devices on the market. Order a Harry Potter iPhone case, a Samsung Galaxy S10 tablet case and many others in hard-back or soft gel styles. They shield your phone from daily wear or accidental drops as long as you own it. Even the most powerful cry of "Expelliarmus" has no effect on their power. You don't need a summoning charm to bring these phone cases to your door, either. Head Case Designs delivers high-end protection and style at affordable prices to make your fantasies real.

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