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Got Some Burning Questions?

We’ve got the remedy. Here are some common questions and their answers, so you can put out those pesky flames fast.

  1. What are your cases made of?

We offer a variety of cases for different mobile devices. Mostly, our cases are made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic and TPU gel material which make for a comfortable handling experience coupled with unparalleled protection.

  1. What kind of ink are you using?

To ensure that we are producing quality prints, we use a special UV Hard ink which allows for the printing of images just like how they are designed, hence producing clear and desirable print outputs.

  1. What are the types of cases you offer?

If you are after premium protection, you can choose from a variety of our hybrid cases which are a combination of polycarbonate plastic and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) gel. If you are itching to have your cracked, damaged, or old battery cover replaced, we have replacement battery covers which also add an extra aesthetic appeal to your device.

Aside from these, we also replacement battery covers. If you are the type of person who wants everything fixed and ready in just a snap, we have hard cases which are made of polycarbonate plastic and sport an easy snap-on installation feature.

  1. Does your case provide front and back protection?

Our GoLite, Go Flexi and GoTuff cases all feature a raised front lip that protects your devise screen from direct scratches when placed face down on a surface. 


  1. Are those all your original designs?

Yes. All the designs that we have are created by our in-house designers and we always ensure that we provide you with out-of-the-box designs that are original and unique.

  1. Can I buy your artwork and use it for personal stuff?

No. Our designs are protected by trademark laws and the use of the designs for personal and commercial purposes is prohibited.

  1. Do you buy other people’s personal artwork?

For some of our designs, we buy artwork from a few stock image providers but the designs still undergo image manipulation and creative adjustments.

  1. Can I use my own personal artwork on a phone case?

Yes. You can have your own artwork printed on a case as we offer custom-printed back cases. It can be your own photo, a caricature or anything you want printed on your case. Just take note that we cannot print designs that are protected by copyright, trademark, and patent laws or those that convey vulgar, obscene, or defamatory depictions.

  1. Can I use photos from the Internet on a phone case?

We highly recommend that you use your own photos or artwork as we do not print designs that may be subject to any copyright, patent, or trademark laws.


  1. What are the payment methods you accept?

Visa, Mastercard and PayPal

  1. Can I place my order over the phone?

Yes, we have a team of people, prepared to take your calls 24/7 (except on Good Friday, Christmas and New Year's Day). 

  1. Do you accept vouchers/coupons?

Yes, just enter the coupon code during checkout

  1. Do you accept money orders?


  1. How do I contact you for checkout problems?

You can choose to contact us through email, chat or give us a call. Check out our Contact US page.

  1. Do you furnish a printed copy of my receipt or invoice?

NO, we email the order confirmation or you can print it after check out or from your account.


  1. How come my device isn’t listed on your site?

If your device is not listed on our site, it can be that we no longer carry the model. Currently, we have around 215 models from different brands where we print our designs on. As our goal is to cover all models from all brands, we always ensure that we update our list with newly-released devices.

  1. Why does the device picture on your site doesn’t match my device although they’re of the same model?

It can be that the model you have is locked to a specific network and may have a few differences in terms of the appearance and dimensions compared to the international variants. To avoid any confusion, we indicate in our listings the compatible models on which the designs can be printed.

Order Processing/Status

  1. Do you have a reseller program?

Not yet, we’re working on it, so check back soon. 

  1. Do you offer any discounts for multiple orders?

No, we have already discounted our products as much as possible.

  1. How can I check my order status?

Please log into your account where you can view your order history.

  1. How will I be informed if my order got processed?

We will provide your item’s invoice once paid and a dispatch notification when your order is handed to your courier of choice.

  1. Can I change my order after checkout and payment?

Yes, as long as you contact us 2 hours after you’ve placed your order, we most certainly can accommodate your request.

  1. How do I cancel my order after order has been placed?

You need to contact us within 2 hours after placing an order to signify your intent to cancel.

  1. How do I change shipping address after checkout?

You will need to reach out to customer support so we can make the changes for you.


  1. Do you ship to my country?  (Selective Shipping)

You can view the list of countries we ship to under shipping tab of our catalog. If your country is not listed, we’re afraid that we haven’t found a partner / courier who can ship items to your location.

  1. When will you ship my order?

All items are in stock and are dispatched to you within 24 hours of your payment being received. Please note that items purchased on weekends and Bank Holidays are dispatched the next working day.

  1. How do I know that my order is shipped?

We process orders the same day after payment is confirmed. You will receive an order confirmation which means we’re on it. Your order will be shipped out the very next working day.

  1. How are orders shipped?

We offer “FREE” shipping, so we use the regular 1 st class mail service. US orders via USPS, UK orders are shipped via Royal Mail and Australia orders are shipped using Australia Post. Delivery normally takes between 1 to 4 working days but not guaranteed.

  1. How much do you charge for shipping?

Local shipping and international shipping is “Free”.

  1. How long do international orders take?

We ship within same business day once payment is confirmed. World- wide delivery normally takes 10-14 days, but may take longer depending on how fast your local postal system can deliver the item to you. We will only deem items lost 15 days after dispatch date.

  1. How do I track my package?

For US local shipment, you will receive a dispatch notification that has your item’s tracking number. You can use that to trace your order over at: https://www. usps .com/

  1. Do you ship to a PO Box address?

Yes, we do.

  1. Do you ship multiple orders together?

Yes, we will ship your orders together so they arrive at the same time and in one package, this is for your convenience and saves us postage cost at the same time.

  1. What if my package never arrived?

For domestic dispatch, if your item didn’t arrive after 7 days , please contact our customer support so we can arrange for a replacement. While international customers can contact us 15 days after dispatch date.


  1. Do you accept return and what is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with our product, you can return this item within 28 working days of receipt, just make sure you contact customer support before returning the item.  We will provide you with a RMA to effectively identify your order.  Make sure that you include your RMA number, and reason for return along with the item so we can manage your return efficiently. Remember that we can only refund or replace items we have actually received.

  1. What if I returned an item without an RMA number?

Returns will only be accepted with an RMA number.  But if you decide to ship the item without an RMA number it is our right to refuse and return the item to the sender, this may result to unnecessary processing delays.

  1. Do you cover return fees?

Customers will shoulder return postage in any instance.

Customer Service

Did you find our FAQs helpful? If you have issues or concerns that aren’t answered above, please reach out via